Twitch Plays Pokemon: The First Novel

In this page you will find my first long book, Twitch Plays Pokemon: The First Novel.

Please note that the following is a non for profit, fan-based, satirical parody. It is partly based on the game Pokemon Red and on the social experiment Twitch Plays Pokemon. The thoughts expressed in the text are not a reflection of Nintendo, the Pokemon Company, or Twitch.

Pokemon and all of its properties is a registered trademark of the Pokemon Company and the Nintendo Corporation.

Please support Nintendo and the Pokemon Company by purchasing their latest Pokemon releases.

Twitch ( is the registered trademark of Twitch Interactive.


>>>>>>>>>> For the ePub version to read on your mobile device, click HERE

>>>>>>>For a direct link to the PDF, click HERE.

Reddit user Terreh Brown created a delightful alternate font version using 8-bit style headers. You can download the PDF here, or the "small book" typeset version HERE.


If you prefer to read it off from the site, feel free to do so below:

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